This program is designed for children aged 7 to 9 with the autism spectrum. The program introduces specialized skill-based training for children with limited physical, intellectual, social and emotional abilities. With this in mind, there is more emphasis on building your basic skills training with a strategic balance of martial arts.

The Spectrum Skillz Ninja represents the ability of spectrum individuals who train martial arts to succeed.

Skills development

Understanding the needs of these children, we chose 8 skills that make up the Spectrum SKILLZ Core program:

1. Awareness – This skill helps children to develop awareness of their surroundings, their place in a particular environment, how to better control their body and how to better manage their time.

2. Detailing – Children can see amazing detail in specific areas, and this skill helps them use that quality to develop great martial arts techniques and have a sense of belonging to a team

3. Observing – This skill helps children on the spectrum learn to pay attention to things and the people around them in a meaningful way while developing their active memory.

4. Listening – This skill is broken down into four parts that help children develop excellent listening skills: active listening, empathetic listening, critical listening, and informative listening.

5. Communication – This skill is designed to help children communicate effectively what they are feeling. We do this by developing eye contact, using body language, practicing communication with a partner and, where appropriate, using voice control and modulation to express how they are feeling.

6. Retention – Memorization skills help children develop long-term, working and short-term memory of information they might otherwise consider “less important”.

7. Durability – Sometimes children on the autism spectrum experience physical challenges. The persistence skill helps children develop physical strength and mental discipline to complete difficult tasks.

8. Determination – This skill helps with the emotional and intellectual challenges children face when under pressure. We help them develop a positive attitude while leading to success by overcoming challenges in martial arts classes.

In each training session, we work on one of the above skills (in order). During each class, we do a warm-up, a conversation on the mat about skills, two or three skills development exercises, and then a so-called Beam test, where they get different colored beams (each color is a different skill). After getting all 8 beams, they can take the lane exam.

After the test for the belt, children will still practice all 8 skills, but with a more demanding curriculum as they progress to the next rank.

As you can see, we’re taking martial arts training to a whole new level! We use elements of martial arts teaching to build skills suitable for children with a spectrum. This means that your child will learn and grow at a pace that is fun while still having enough challenges to support development. The best part is that the Spectrum SKILLZ program will equip your child with skills that they will use in every area of ​​life!

spectrum skillz 7-9 years


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