Konrad Baraniecki – trainer and founder of the Young Fighters school

Konrad Baraniecki 2

I am a physiotherapist and physical education teacher by education. I graduated from the University of Mazovia – 1st degree studies at the Faculty of Medical Sciences and 1st degree studies in Physical Education at the Academy of Physical Education. I am also a certified Movement Recreation Instructor with a specialization in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). In addition, I have completed many manual therapy courses that help me professionally conduct physical activities with children.
My interest in martial arts was born in my childhood. Ever since I can remember, I have been passionate about karate films, among others. “Enter the Dragon” with Bruce Lee, or “Kickboxer” with Jean-Cloud Van Damme, which I was modeling on. Back then, my biggest dream was to become a Ninja Warrior. I gained experience and practice in martial arts at the “Sambo System Polska” club. In April 2012. I achieved the title of runner-up in the International Polish Wushu Kung-Fu Sanda Championships.

Konrad BaranieckiThe School of Young Fighters was created from the combination of my dreams, interests and education. The idea for me to teach children to fight came from a Scott Winfiled teacher in the Florida Society for Bioenergetic Analysis training program. Working with children released my creative potential. It is a challenge for me that brings me more and more joy from being a martial arts teacher.

Paweł Pietrosiński – Instructor

I am a physical education teacher by education. I completed my master’s degree in physical education with a specialization in motor preparation trainer. I also have the qualifications of a corrective gymnastics instructor, thanks to which I also pay attention to posture defects in children during Martial Arts classes. This allows me to customize exercises that positively affect students’ development. Moreover, right after graduation, I obtained the qualifications of a downhill skiing instructor. Thanks to this passion, I started working with children before starting my studies, training them, observing them and being proud of their progress.

My adventure with martial arts began in high school, when a friend took me to the Genesis Gym club for Muay Thai classes. With each year of training, my interest in eastern martial arts grew, as did my overall fitness. Since then, I have improved my achievements in many other disciplines of individual and team sports. It made me realize how much martial arts influence our overall physical development.

When I got to know the Young Fighters school, I was immediately interested in the SKILLZ curriculum. We teach not only the desired martial arts! We both put a lot of emphasis on general physical, emotional, social development and play, which is essential for our children at this stage.

What is the SKILLZ Child Development Center?

Everybody Loves PIES!

People often ask us what exactly is the SKILLZ Child Development Center. And that’s one of our favorite questions!

It is important to consider the WHOLE child when raising children. We do this by focusing on four development areas: physical, intellectual, emotional and social. We call this the PIES Method (Physical, Intellectual, Emotional, Spiritual/Social)

If your child is physically challenged, he or she may visit a physical therapist or occupational therapist to help him or her return to a state of healthy functioning and ability. But who drives them from physical health to success? We do it!

If your child has intellectual or educational challenges, he or she may visit a tutor to help with their learning. But who teaches them HOW to learn and gives them the tools of neurological development to help them achieve cognitive growth? We do it!

If your child has an emotional challenge, they can visit a psychologist or therapist to help them establish a healthier emotional level and a more positive outlook. But who leads them from a stable position to a successful lifestyle? We do it!

If your child has social problems and is having difficulty making friends, you can take them to a psychologist or behaviorist to help them overcome anxiety and fears while increasing awareness of social cues. But who leads them from basic integration to leadership? We do it!

It is never our goal to replace the therapeutic relationship your child has with their caregivers. In fact, it would be unethical to suggest something like this.

Our goal is to increase the efforts of parents, teachers and caregivers in a child’s life and give children a developmental advantage, while providing parents with the knowledge and tools needed to build strong, healthy, and lasting relationships with their children.

SKILLZ children’s development programs use martial arts to create a better bond with children in an age-appropriate learning environment. We use this symbolic “machine” to help children become the best possible version of themselves physically, intellectually, emotionally and socially!